Addressing Education Inequality in Buenos Aires

(C1085ABB) Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 2 years
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With previous Tinker Foundation support, ACIJ recently completed an analysis of Argentina's 2010 budget cycle, beginning with its presentation by the executive branch, its discussion and approval by the legislature and its subsequent execution and auditing. During the project, ACIJ learned that some legislators do not have access to real time budget data and that many are unaware of mechanisms they could use to obtain relevant information. ACIJ also found that budget data was often not presented in sufficient detail or with enough disaggregation to allow for key comparisons, e.g., by geographic region, program area, or socioeconomic variables.

These funds will allow ACIJ to build on its previous work to promote policies and practices that reduce educational inequality in the City of Buenos Aires. They plan to identify those mechanisms that will improve access to education budget data for legislators; improve transparency and citizen participation in budgetary processes; develop indicators of educational inequality; and build the capacity of secondary school students to engage in the policy arena on educational issues.

Project Director: 
Martin Sigal
(5411) 435-7345