Antarctic Protection Initiatives

Washington, DC, United States of America
over 1 year
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

This grant will allow ASOC to participate in the various Antarctic Treaty meetings and discussions, comment on official Antarctic Treaty papers and recommendations, and develop scientific talking papers to supplement discussions. The ASOC team will focus the attention of the Treaty members to several issues of particular importance, including:

* negotiating a Polar Code to improve Southern Ocean vessel safety and pollution prevention requirements
* establishing a comprehensive regime for regulating commercial tourism
* creating a network of marine reserves in the Southern Ocean
* protecting the integrity of the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary with a management plan that stops scientific whaling by Japan
* improving protection for albatrosses and petrels in the Southern Ocean by stopping illegal fishing for Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish
* achieving ecosystem-based fishing regulations

Historic Program Area: 
Environmental Policy
Project Director: 
James N. Barnes
(202) 234-2480