Arnaldo T. Musich Annual Lecture Series

C1054AAF Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 1 year
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With Tinker Foundation support the Fundacion de Investigaciones Economicas Latinoamericanas (FIEL) will contribute to the debate on human capital formation in Argentina. Specifically, the Foundation will provide necessary funding for the 2008 A.T. Musich Lecture. The lecture will focus on the importance of human capital and skills in a changing labor market and raise awareness among business leaders, politicians, policy makers, journalists and the general public about the problem of mismatching between skills and employment opportunities. The keynote speaker at the A.T Musich Lecture will be Hugo Hopenhayn a well-respected Argentinean professor of economics at UCLA. Dr. Hopenhayn prepared a paper that was published by FIEL as part of its dissemination of the lecture.

Historic Program Area: 
Economic Policy
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Juan Luis Bour
(54 11) 393-2957