Building a Locally Determined Water Management System in Apolo Municipality, Bolivia

La Paz, Plurinational State of Bolivia
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

Support from the Tinker Foundation will allow ACEAA to to provide critical technical assistance to Apolo to meet new regulatory and legal standards for local-level participatory water resource management. The objective of this project is to test a model for integrated, multi-stakeholder water management within the municipality of Apolo. ACEAA will launch a Municipal Water Management Committee as well as develop and support implementation of reciprocal water agreements. The group will also provide technical support to the Apolo Municipal Council in the zoning and re-zoning of lands with protection status to develop and support implementation of locally-appropriate protocols for reducing threats to and protection of water resources. Lastly, they will train stakeholders in threat reduction and resource management strategies.

Project Director: 
Marcos Teran Valenzuela