Central American Transmigration in Mexico: Regional Diagnosis and Proposals

Mexico, D.F., United Mexican States
over 1 year
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Project Goals: 

This grant will support the Instituto Tecnólogo Autónomo de Mexico's (ITAM) work to develop a comprehensive assessment of Central American transmigration through Mexico. In order to develop a regional analysis of the issue ITAM will convene working groups of experts from academic, nonprofit and policy making fields. The Tinker Foundation provided funding for the second of these meetings, which will take place in El Salvador in 2012, and in which participants will explore the causes and magnitude of flows of transmigration in Central America. Currently, there is no institutional infrastructure to measure the magnitude or direction of migratory flows through the region. There are, however, fragments of information which the working group hopes to bring together to generate a more comprehensive estimate of the magnitude of flows, as well as to provide insight into how the composition of migrants is changing with respect to age, gender, social class, ethnic group and religion.

Project Director: 
Rafael Fernandez de Castro
(52 55) 56 28 4094