Democratic Governance and Exclusion: Growth, Equality of Opportunity and Implications for U.S. Policy toward Latin America

Nashville, TN, United States of America
over 3 years
Project Locations: 
Argentina, Chile, Bolivia
Project Goals: 

The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), based at Vanderbilt University, is a leader in the development, implementation and analysis of public opinion surveys. Beginning in the 1970s as a localized project in Costa Rica, the survey has now expanded to over 26 countries within the Americas. The AmericasBarometer, one of LAPOP's primary ventures, is the only survey of democratic values and behavior that covers the Americas and has expanded to over 26 countries. LAPOP's 2010 AmericasBarometer Survey covered 26 countries and included 43,990 respondents, focusing on the influence of cultural values on income inequality within Latin America.

The AmericasBarometer focuses on a special area of interest each year; the 2012 LAPOP plans to expand its understanding regarding the influence of discrimination and exclusion on economics by including questions on gender discrimination. This grant will support the administration and analysis of the survey in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Project Director: 
Mitchell A. Seligson
(615) 322-6238