Efficiency.gov.ar: Building a Modern and Effective State in Argentina

C1054AAF Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 2 years
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Project Goals: 

A study to measure, diagnose and understand the state of public sector efficiency in Argentina. FIEL will provide an approach to measuring performance, and it will also identify the constraints to efficient performance of the sector and develop policies designed to attain high, stable and equitable growth. The project encompasses 1) a benchmarking exercise that characterizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the Argentine state at the macro level and in comparison with the rest of the world, 2) an analysis of state delivery of goods, services and policies through seven case studies, and 3) an assessment of the political economy of state operations. Case studies to explore these questions will include: public hospital efficiency; the performance of public banks; public procurement; the relative performance of provincial housing agencies; tax collection and road infrastructure; primary and secondary education; and cash transfer programs.

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Fernando Navajas
(54 11) 4314-1990