Empowering Rural Youth through the Tutorial Learning System (SAT) : An Action-Oriented Evaluation of SAT in Nicaragua for Improved Program Implementation and Scale Up

Arlington, VA, United States of America
over 1 year
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In 2007, Fabretto Children’s Foundation introduced the Tutorial Learning System, or Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) to 25 remote communities reaching 250 students. Developed in Colombia in the 1970s by the Foundation for Education and Science (FUNDAEC), SAT provides high quality secondary education to rural populations with little or no access to traditional secondary school emphasizing community development, entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture. Groups of 10 to 25 students meet daily for four hours for instruction and mentoring by tutors who are preferably from the same communities as the students. An additional 10 hours per week are dedicated to agricultural extension and community development activities. SAT has been implemented throughout Colombia and replicated in other Latin American countries and other regions of the world. It has received international recognition and numerous prizes. With Tinker Foundation support, Fabretto Children’s Foundation will continue its educational efforts, by evaluating the SAT program in Nicaragua. Through this project the organization will conduct a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of SAT in three municipalities, make program adjustments based on findings, produce a report and disseminate recommendations at a national conference and produce promotional and educational materials for the SAT program.

Project Director: 
Peter D. Schaller
(505) 2266-8772