Encouraging Civil Society Participation in Public Education Policies in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Dominican Republic
Project Goals: 

With Tinker Foundation Support the Asociacion Fe y Alegria will promote reforms to improve public education in the Dominican Republic. The association will identify key stakeholders in four poor communities within three school districts to conducts needs assessments. In addition the association will organize teams of teachers, parents, students, community members, business leaders and local education authorities, which will receive technical assistance to prepare proposals to improve the quality and equity of education based on previous consideration of needs and priorities. Asociacion Fe y Alegria will assist the teams in building alliances to implement the plans and in lobbying public officials to secure their support. Project results will be distributed in two bulletins made available to the public.

Historic Program Area: 
Project Director: 
Humberto Omer Vandenbulcke
(809) 221-2784