Expansion of Payment for Ecosystem Services Policy Framework in the Atlantic Forest and Central Savannas Regions in Brazil

Arlington, VA, United States of America
over 3 years
Project Goals: 

Brazil's Atlantic Forest, is characterized by tropical and subtropical moist forest, tropical dry forest, tropical savannas, and mangrove forests, that once extended along the country's Atlantic coast from Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul and inland as far as Paraguay and the Misiones Province of Argentina. The region is home to 90 percent of the country's population and is where the majority of the country's food, fuel and fiber are produced-and current forest cover is estimated at approximately 10 percent of its original extent.

For the past five years at the state level in Brazil, TNC's Atlantic Forest Conservation Team has tested a number of payment for environmental services (PES) programs that compensate landowners who agree to carry out conservation and reforestation activities in key areas of their properties, in an effort to protect crucial watersheds and forest habitat. This funding is in support of a six-year initiative to expand the adoption of these recently-developed PES mechanisms at the state and national levels by providing technical assistance and training for implementation and regulation to state and national agencies.

Project Director: 
Anita Diederichsen
(55 41) 2111-8757