Expenditure Guidelines for Field Research Grants

The Field Research Grants, comprising Tinker Foundation and matching funds, are to be used for grants to individuals for travel and field-related expenses for brief periods of pre-dissertation field research in Latin America.  The focus of the field research should reflect broadly the Tinker Foundation's areas of interest, however, awards are open to students across all academic disciplines.

Individual recipients may be graduate students at the master's or doctoral level, although priority should be given to doctoral students in the early stages of their studies.  The Tinker Field Research Grants are not to be used for advanced dissertation research.  They are intended to provide graduate students with early experience conducting hands-on field research in Latin America and the opportunity to develop independent research projects.  Citizens of Latin American countries enrolled at United States institutions are eligible to receive awards to conduct research in their home countries provided they have no previous field research experience in that country.  Grant recipients should be selected by a representative committee incorporating faculty members from the sciences, social sciences, humanities and professional schools with significant experience in Latin America.

All funds (those provided by the Foundation as well as the matching monies) must be disbursed to students in modest grants, of which at least 75% must be used for travel expenses.  Up to 25% of a student’s award may be used for field-related expenses.  Please see the table below for definitions of each category.  The awards may be used at any time during the calendar year, but must be utilized only for brief research trips, two weeks to four months in duration.  No administrative costs may be deducted.

Table 1. Spending categories for Tinker Field Research Grants

Travel Expenses Airfare, local transportation, in-country flights, car rentals, etc. 75%
Field-related Expenses Food, accommodations, research expenses, health insurance, visas, etc. 25%


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