Fostering Entrepreneurship among Rural Secondary School Students in Honduras

La Ceiba 36608, Atlantida, Republic of Honduras
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

This grant will enable the Asociacion de Desarrollo Socio Economico Indigena (BAYAN) to enhance the capacity of rural secondary school students in Honduras to develop and sustain income generating activities in their communities. Specifically this project seeks to increase the entrepreneurial content and orientation of the Tutorial Learning System (SAT) - an alternative community-based rural vocational secondary education program. With this funding BAYAN will assess the current entrepreneurial content of the SAT program and subsequently develop strategies to promote and facilitate a greater number of productive enterprises among SAT students and graduates. Based on this analysis, BAYAN intends to develop supplementary learning materials for students and a training module for tutors. SAT field staff periodically assess the implementation and use of the new materials and the progress of productive initiatives.

Project Director: 
Soheil Dooki Dooki
(504) 2442-2189