Galapagos Information Management System: An International Workshop

Fairfax, VA, United States of America
over 1 year
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Project Goals: 

Though the Galapagos are one of the most extensively studied places in the world, access to the information that has been and continues to be gathered there is limited due to the diversity of institutions and individuals that carry out such investigative studies. As a result, most of the relevant scientific information is held in globally dispersed archives and databases that are not easily accessed by researchers from other institutions. This grant will support an assessment of the feasibility, interest, and prospective use of a centralized, broadly accessible data collection system by researchers, and will develop a comprehensive plan for establishing a Galapagos Information Management System to be administered by the Conservancy. Such a system would reduce redundancy in effort and failures to understand events in longitudinal perspective. Additionally, it would make available vast trove of historical documents, film and photographic images with potential importance to research and decision making to practitioners across disciplines.

Project Director: 
Johannah E. Barry
(703) 383-0077