Good Practices in Citizen Security in Metropolitan Lima and Callao

Lima 18, Republic of Peru
over 2 years
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Project Goals: 

This grant supports Ciudad Nuestra’s efforts to create a competition on good citizen security practices in order to identify, acknowledge and disseminate information regarding effective security strategy. Convening a panel of judges comprised of law enforcement officials, Ministries of justice and women’s affairs, business leaders, media representatives and Ciudad Nuestra staff, the organization will review institutional nominations, assess submissions, and conduct necessary site visits and interviews to select winning citizen security groups. Subsequently, the practices implemented by the winning security groups will be presented and discussed at a seminar targeting central and local government officials, police officers, business and community leaders, journalists, and representatives from non-governmental organizations. Finally, the best practices will also be publicized in pamphlets that are widely distributed.

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Project Director: 
Gino Costa
(51-1) 243-6377