Government Security Plans for Metropolitan Lima and Peru

Lima 18, Republic of Peru
over 1 year
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These funds will be used by Ciudad Nuestra to harness the energy of upcoming elections to generate public debate about the public security situation in Lima and the country as a whole. The organization will include candidates in this process, with the ultimate goal of creating a citizen-security plan for Lima to be presented to the new administration, and working with elected officials to implement the reform recommendations. A 2009 survey of the metropolitan area around Lima found that 95 percent of the population feel unsafe, and a substantial number (29 percent) had actually been the victim of an assault or robbery in the previous year. In preparation for their 'road map' consultations, the organization is reviewing crime statistics, survey data and government plans from other Andean cities and interviewing public officials, politicians and specialists. Their research will focus on 1) practices and behaviors that affect citizens' quality of life, such as excessive noise and traffic violations, the informal sale of alcohol, and the consumption of drugs and alcohol in public spaces, 2) domestic and sexual violence against women and youth violence, 3) common crime and organized crime, and 4) disruptions to public order caused by social protest.

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Gino Costa
(51-1) 243-6377