Harnessing Market Forces to Ensure a Sustainable Approach to Mahi Mahi Fishing in Latin America

London SW1W 9RB, United States of America
over 2 years
Project Locations: 
Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru
Project Goals: 

With Tinker Foundation support the Marine Stewardship Council will harness market forces to ensure a sustainable approach to Mahi Mahi fishing in Latin America. Through engaging fishery sector representatives in a dialogue about cooperative regional management of the mahi mahi fishery, holding workshops on catch data and improved genetic research studies, training artisanal fishery leaders in eco-labeling assessment, and engaging Panamanian and Costa Rican regional fishery stakeholders the Marine Stewardship Council will improve data on and management of the Eastern Pacific mahi mahi fishery with the goal of initiating Council certification. Information from these data collection efforts will then be distributed to a wide range of regional agencies, conservation organizations and seafood companies to increase scientific knowledge about mahi mahi population dynamics and stock identification.

Historic Program Area: 
Environmental Policy
Project Director: 
Brad Ack
(206) 691-0188