Human Rights Standards and the Use of Force by Police in Argentina

B1678CQF Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 2 years
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This grant supports Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero’s efforts to promote policing practices that ensure the safety of civilians and police officers in situations involving the use-of-force or coercion in Argentina. Through reviewing national and international regulations and standards concerning the use-of-force/coercion, assessing Argentine Federal Police use-of-force practices, developing a use-of-force model and training manual for the Argentine Federal Police and presenting project results at an international conference and in various publications the organization will ensure that empirically-based standards for the use-of-force/coercion in police interactions with crime suspects are effectively developed. From these initiatives the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Frebrero will develop a use-of-force model that sets a national standard on police officer actions to assess and respond to situations that entail a threat to officers' or other people's lives or physical integrity. A training manual will be produced to enable consistent and coherent training and to evaluate police performance against the model. The model and training manual will be presented to federal and provincial police authorities in workshops and will be pilot tested by the Argentine Federal Police and four provincial police forces.

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Eduardo Horacio Jozami
(54 11) 4759-9810