Implementation Strategies for Water Policy Reforms under Peru's Water Resources Law (2009)

Arequipa, Republic of Peru
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

Working in the Ocoña River Basin, Asociación Especializada para el Desarrollo Sostenible will improve the capacity of rural communities to manage water and river basins according to policies established in Peru's 2009 Water Resources Law, which decentralized management of water resources. With this grant, the organization will work in a pilot basin area to train local irrigation council members on legal aspects of water policy following the new law, provide technical assistance in the design and implementation of water systems, and share lessons learned through publications and meetings. In doing so, AEDES hopes to harness the momentum of the recent legislation to improve decision-making of local managers in the Ocoña River Basin as well as more broadly throughout Peru.

Project Director: 
Karen E. Kraft