Increasing Access to Justice in Venezuela

Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
over 1 year
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

This grant supported Fundacion Pro Bono Venezuela (ProVene) efforts to promote and facilitate the provision of pro bono legal services in underserved communities in Venezuela. Specifically, ProVene was able to hire a full time coordinator--this allowed the organization to increase its outreach to law firms and law schools in order to promote greater awareness of and interest in pro bono work and recruit new members. In addition, with the help of a full time coordinator, ProVene was also able to develop a larger number of legal assistance projects to satisfy the increased demand for pro bono work from participating lawyers and law students. In addition, through this funding the organization was able to schedule bi-weekly visits to provide legal assistance in two new communities in Venezuela.

Project Director: 
Gerardo Bello Aurrecoechea