Institutional and Pedagogical Practices of Schools Serving Low Income Students

C1114AAL Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 2 years
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These funds will assist FundaciĆ³n Cimientos in their efforts to identify the institutional and pedagogical practices that reduce the risk of dropout among secondary school students in Argentina. Between 2007 and 2009, Cimientos designed and implemented an intervention program in four secondary schools in the town of Berazategui in the Province of Buenos Aires. The Dropout Prevention and Reentry Program (DPRP) provided support in the form of monthly stipends, tutoring and social work, and peer group support to 50 students in each school. Half of these students were at risk of dropping out based on high rates of absenteeism and the rest had been recently re-enrolled after long absences from school. The schools' directors received mentoring and coaching to help them improve their leadership skills and foster better teaching and learning environments. The teachers participated in workshops and other capacity building activities to increase their awareness of and effective response to the academic and social deficits faced by the students in the program. Cimientos will continue this work by evaluating the effectiveness of this previously developed intervention program in reducing school dropout rates after several years of implementation.

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Graciela Krichesky
(54 11) 4829-8600