Institutional Grants Overview

The Foundation’s Institutional Grants program has as its goal the creation of effective policy changes to improve the lives of Latin Americans.

The Foundation has identified five program areas in which focused, expert research and innovation has the potential to make significant positive impact. Proposals should address one of these areas of interest:

Projects should have a strong public policy component, offer innovative solutions to problems facing these regions, and incorporate new mechanisms for addressing these programmatic areas. Activities may include, but are not restricted to, research projects, workshops and conferences related to the Foundation's areas of interest. The Foundation encourages collaboration among organizations in the United States and Latin America and prefers to fund those institutions that are actively engaged with external stakeholders in addressing an issue of concern.  Funding for general support may be considered on a limited basis.

Spring Cycle: March 1 is the deadline. (Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors in June.)

ATTENTION: Because we have committed our funds for 2015, the Tinker Foundation will not be accepting new proposals for its September 15 Institutional Grants proposal deadline. This measure is in effect only for this deadline and will not be an ongoing foundation policy. We encourage grant seekers to continue to share letters of inquiry with our program staff with the intent of developing proposals for our March 1, 2016 deadline.

These dates represent the deadline by which a full application must be received.  Those sending an initial letter of inquiry should submit their letters well in advance of these dates to allow time for consultation with foundation staff.

If you have questions about the application process or whether your project or institution is eligible for funding, please contact Karen Nassi for more information.

If you have determined that your institution and project are eligible for funding, send a letter of inquiry or send a full proposal.

*Funding for these last two program areas is very limited.