Latin America Program

New York, NY, United States of America
over 2 years
Project Location: 
United States
Project Goals: 

With Tinker Foundation support the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) will develop new perspectives on the political, economic and social challenges in Latin America. Specifically, the organization will hold 8-11 roundtable sessions each year of the project which will focus on 1) the related trends of globalization and democracy and the ways in which Latin American countries can harness globalization to improve their societies, 2) the significance of the Latino demographic in the United States, and 3) the sending country perspective on the north and southward flows of people and dollars. Issues covered in the sessions will include the path to competitiveness in a global environment; security issues related to illegal immigration and drug trafficking; the hispanization of the U.S. media and digital markets; the expansion of Latin American countries' consular activities; the effects of remittances, and the costs and benefits of migration on human and social capital development in the sending countries. Each year of the project the Council on Foreign Relations will hold a half-day symposium which will focus on the issues addressed during the roundtables. In addition, CFR will produce annual Council Special Reports with specific, practical recommendations on critical policy issues in Latin America.

Historic Program Area: 
Project Director: 
Shannon K. O'Neil