Letter of Inquiry

Please submit your inquiry in English.

We recognize the intensity of effort required to prepare a complete grant request.  Prior to submitting a full proposal, potential applicants should submit a letter of inquiry to ascertain the Foundation's interest in the project.

The letter of inquiry should include:

  • information about the organization,
  • a project title,
  • an executive summary of the project, and
  • an estimate of the amount requested.

Inquiries should be submitted at least two to three weeks in advance of the deadline to allow time for consultation and collaboration with a program officer to proceed with a full proposal.

Proposal deadlines are March 30 and September 15 for the spring and fall funding cycles, respectively. These dates represent the deadline by which a full proposal must be received.

Beginning in 2018, the Foundation will be accepting letters of inquiry and full proposals through an online system, which you can link to through this site.  Grant seekers will need to respond to a set of eligibility questions, and if the organization meets the criteria, you will receive an email permitting access to the portal.

Please link to the Tinker Foundation Inquiry & Grant System to begin your inquiry.