A Model for Collaborative Development of Policy to Conserve and Manage Indigenous Lands: The Cutucu - Shaimi Protection Forest, Shuar Territory, Ecuador

St. Louis, MO, United States of America
over 2 years
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Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment has been interested in expanding the use of protection forests in the Cutucú-Shaimi for managing biodiversity conservation because of the area's considerable size and its known endemic plant, bird and amphibian species. Complicating this effort is the fact that a good portion of this territory is the ancestor lands of the indigenous Shuar community. In order to aid the conservation process and ensure the rights of the Shuar community the Missouri Botanical Garden, with Tinker Foundation support, will hold a series of meetings with the Shuar federation and communities, the Ministry of Environment, and local and regional government representatives and Garden Scientists to develop consensus on cooperative management of the forest. Through leading the design of and data collection for an integrated socioeconomic and environmental information system, facilitating the development of a geographic information system-referenced assessment and planning tool for decision making and resource monitoring in the territory and presenting the Missouri Botanical Garden will be able to provide geographic information system analysis to communities and other stakeholders to develop a preliminary conservation management plan.

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Environmental Policy
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David A. Neill