Promoting Citizen Security and Taxation and Equality

Washington, DC, United States of America
over 3 years
Project Locations: 
Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela
Project Goals: 

This grant supports the Latin America Program's work in two key areas: taxation policy and citizen security. Research into taxation policy is meant to address the role taxation place in the persistence of poverty and inequality in Latin America, despite economic growth and the rise of other traditional indicators of improvement. The Center hopes to identify viable policy options to enhance the redistributive impacts of taxation.

Analysis of security issues will aim to improve our understanding of the dynamics of gang violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the dramatic deterioration of citizen security in Venezuela, reversals of citizen security gains in Colombia and the potential of public-private partnerships to strengthen local capacities, and the factors explaining the low levels of crime in countries as diverse as Chile, Uruguay and Nicaragua along with the reasons for persisting perceptions of insecurity in those places.

Project Director: 
Cynthia J. Arnson
(202) 691-4000