Promoting Citizen Security Policies in Latin America: An Evaluation of Public Policy

Washington, DC, United States of America
over 2 years
Project Locations: 
Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil
Project Goals: 

This grant will support the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars’ efforts to make policy recommendations in order to improve public security in Latin America based on evaluation of international, national and local initiatives and best practices. Over a two-year period, the Latin American Program at the Center will hold four workshops, one on each of the following topics: 1) the adoption of iron fist policies regarding criminal behavior in Latin America 2) prevention programs targeting youth crime, domestic violence and substance abuse 3) local crime fighting initiatives and 4) efforts to reform and professionalize the police. These workshops will bring together researchers and public officials from Latin America with analysts and policy makers from Washington, D.C. All workshops will focus on what accounts for the success or failure of particular policies and initiatives and whether policies that have worked in one municipality or country can be replicated elsewhere. Papers developed during these workshops will be disseminated widely throughout Latin American in order to better inform policy practices.

Historic Program Area: 
Project Director: 
Cynthia J. Arnson
(202) 691-4000