Promoting Judicial Transparency and Judicial Independence in Central America

Washington, DC, United States of America
over 1 year
Project Locations: 
Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador
Project Goals: 

With this support, DPLF will elaborate a set of indicators that reflect the main dimensions of judicial independence and transparency for Central America. Relative to the rest of Latin America, Central American judiciaries have advanced the least in terms of reforms to increase transparency and improve judicial independence. The Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) has conducted and published assessments of judicial transparency in Mexico and several South American countries and is currently collaborating with FLACSO Mexico on a typology of judicial transparency.

DPLF wishes to harness its accumulated knowledge to develop a handbook on judicial independence and transparency as a tool for Central American civil society organizations to monitor and evaluate the judiciaries in their countries. The indicators for independence will assess the existence and use of rules and regulations for the selection, transfer, evaluation and discipline of judges; the impartial assignment and handling of cases; and the proper use of budgetary and personnel resources. Transparency indicators will cover the availability and accessibility of information on the aforementioned issues as well as information on judicial decisions. The indicators will be validated with civil society representatives from across the region.

Historic Program Area: 
Project Director: 
Katya Salazar
(202) 462-7701