Proposal Instructions for Institutional Grants

A full application will include the following items. Please be prepared to provide this information when completing your application.

  1. Proposal cover sheet (in PDF or MSWord)
  2. Separate one-page summary of the proposal briefly describing the project's objectives, target audience or beneficiaries, proposed methodology and plan for dissemination of results.  (Attach the summary to the proposal cover sheet.)
  3. Narrative section, ranging in length from 10 – 20 pages, providing details on:
    1. The project's objectives and theoretical, practical and/or policy-related significance (as both a discrete endeavor and within the broader field).  Provide background and contextual information on the issue.
    2. Plan of work describing the activities to be conducted and indicating any factors that could serve to delay the plan, change the length of time required to complete the project, or alter the proposed budgetary designations.
    3. Anticipated results of the project and long-term impact, and how these will be evaluated.
    4. Specific plan for dissemination of the results (identify the target audience and the means by which it will be reached).
    5. Qualifications of the project director and personnel (with curricula vitae as attachments).
  4. Names and addresses of up to three individuals who could serve as reviewers or references who are not directly involved with the project.  Indicate briefly what perspective they can provide on issue or project. 
  5. Itemized annual budget for the cost of the project.  Indicate those expenses for which Tinker Foundation support is sought.  (As a general rule, the Foundation does not pay for overhead or indirect costs.  In those exceptional cases when it is considered absolutely necessary, a maximum of 10% of the project's direct costs may be included as overhead in the budget.) 
  6. Copy of the organization's latest audited financial statement
  7. Complete list of the organization's staff and Board of Directors
  8. One page summary of the organization’s background providing an historical overview; an annual report may also be included at your discretion.

Applications must be submitted in English and should be addressed to the Foundation's President, Ms. Renate Rennie.

If there are any questions concerning these application procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation.

Download Proposal Cover Sheet (with instructions)
available in PDF and MSWord