Regional Meeting and Publication on Strategies to Promote Transparency and Accountability in Latin America

Santiago, Republic of Chile
over 1 year
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This grant will support the Universidad de Chile’s efforts to strengthen the ability of Latin American professionals from government and civil society sectors to promote transparency and accountability. The Universidad de Chile will hold a regional meeting with key actors to discuss and advance the understanding of new developments and strategic thinking in the field of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption. The results of the regional meeting will be synthesized in a Spanish-language report that will also analyze recent developments and specific pressing issues in the field. The publication will be launched in late 2009 at a public event at the University of Chile Law School and be disseminated in hard copy and via e-mail to the Center's international mailing list, which includes individuals in civil society and government in a position to mobilize public opinion and influence legislation, judicial decisions and public policy in Latin American countries. The report will also be available for download from the Center's general Web site as well as from its specialized Web site for the Center's Program on Transparency.

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Jose Zalaquett
(56 2) 978-5271