Restorative Justice in Mexico

11510 Mexico, D.F., United Mexican States
over 1 year
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

The objective of this project is to contribute to the optimal implementation of the National Restorative Justice Act in Mexico. CIDAC proposes to conduct a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of alternative justice mechanisms in the Mexican states where the accusatory system of justice has been fully implemented and in operation for more than a year. CIDAC will validate preliminary findings with experts and practitioners and publish a report of the evaluation and a document outlining best practices and policy recommendations. These will be presented at three roundtables in the northern, central and southern regions of the country targeting Attorneys General, Supreme Court chief justices and high and mid-level operators of alternative justice mechanisms at the federal and state levels. The roundtables, which will include expert participants, will foster dialogue among public officials and representatives from civil society and academia as well as increase the knowledge of policy makers in a position to contribute to better design and operation of restorative justice mechanisms.

Project Director: 
Maria Novoa
(52 22) 59 85 10 10