A Safer Mexico

11510 Mexico, D.F., United Mexican States
over 1 year
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During the past four years, the federal government in Mexico has undertaken an extraordinary overhaul of its criminal justice system while simultaneously embarking on an all-out war against organized crime. CIDAC argues that given the fragmented and unsystematic nature of available crime- and security-related data, it is virtually impossible to adequately evaluate the efficacy of the administration's strategy or to propose policy alternatives. In Mexico, 33 jurisdictions plus the Federal Government, counting over one hundred different institutions, are responsible for providing their own crime and criminal justice statistics. There is no standardized format for them to report such data.

These funds will support CIDAC to create a methodology for improved interpretation and comparison of crime statistics in Mexico. They will develop a criminal justice statistics handbook to standardize reporting, offer seminars to discuss the handbook findings and its use in addressing crime; and they will create an online platform to offer continually updated crime statistics.

Project Director: 
Veronica Baz
(52 55) 59 85 10 10