Scaling up Lessons Learned in Water Governance in Ecuador and Peru

Quito, Republic of Ecuador
over 2 years
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With the support of the Tinker Foundation, FundaciĆ³n Futuro Latinomerica (FFLA) will contribute to the development of regulatory frameworks for water resources laws that respond to mandates for broad public sector and civil society participation in governance. In 2006 and 2008, the Tinker Foundation provided support to FFLA for the project, Strengthening Governance to Secure Long-term Water Provision for the City of Quito. The project resulted in the institutionalization of Quito's first watershed-level management board and, most critically, the establishment of an inter-institutional approach to water management, harmonizing the operations of the multiple agencies and authorities responsible for water management.

The national government recognizes the efficiencies of Integrated Water Resource Management (the internationally recognized good practices in water management), but the policy and legal framework for defining a national standard for Watershed Councils has yet to be determined. The National Assembly is currently debating how this should be integrated into the National Water Law. Valuable lessons can be derived from FFLA's experience in Quito; water managers in Ecuador and beyond look to FFLA for guidance in adopting integrated water management practices. The organization will provide technical support to Ecuador's National Assembly in developing the governance chapter of the National Water Plan, develop an action plan for the Lima Watershed Council to optimize operational effectiveness, transfer lessons learned in managing and operating water trusts, provide practical support on best practices in broad-based participatory decision making, document and disseminate materials on the practical aspects of integrated resource management.

Project Director: 
Patricio Cabrera
(593 2) 2 236 351