Social Policy Handbooks: Generating and Disseminating Knowledge for Social Development

Mexico, D.F. 10400, United Mexican States
over 2 years
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With Tinker Foundation support the Alternativas y Capacidades A.C will promote greater understanding of development issues among Mexican civil society organizations, local governments, private grant makers, businesspeople and academics. Currently few Spanish Language publication exist which convey in clear and concise language an overall view of development issues in Mexico. Alternativas y Capacidades A.C will fill the current gap in the literature on this subject by publishing three handbooks containing specialized knowledge, current debates and practical recommendations on regional development, philanthropy and public policy advocacy in the region. The goal of these handbooks is to help civil society organizations and government officials working on citizen participation affairs gain an understanding of how public issues get incorporated into the government's agenda; familiarity with the cycle of formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies, and awareness of the role they can play as advocates of public interest causes. The handbook will cover strategies and tools that can be used for public policy advocacy and will guide civil society organizations in formulating and carrying out their own advocacy plans.

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Monica Tapia
(5255) 5668-8502