Strengthening Governance to Secure Long-term Water Provision for the City of Quito - Phase II

Quito, Republic of Ecuador
over 1 year
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Project Goals: 

With Tinker Foundation support Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano will undertake a project to improve long-term water management strategies in Quito, Ecuador. Through the institutionalization of Quito's first watershed-level management board, the strengthening of water management capacity within local and national level bodies and the compilation of lessons learned for distribution to stakeholders in Ecuador's major watersheds Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano will work to shape public policy related to integrated water resource management. Through its targeted programs the organization will create a model for integrated resource management boards and provide guidance for government plans to create multi-stakeholder management bodies in all major watersheds within the country.

Historic Program Area: 
Environmental Policy
Project Director: 
Pippa Heylings
(593 2) 292 0635