TBI Justice in Mexico Project: Justiciabarómetro

San Diego, CA, United States of America
over 1 year
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Project Goals: 

This grant will support the University of San Diego’s efforts to monitor and evaluate the implementation of criminal justice reforms in Mexico. Through the development and analysis of performance indicators of the Mexican justice system the Trans-Boarder Institute (TBI) at the University of San Diego will assess the perceptions, attitudes and professional development of public officials central to judicial reforms in Mexico, specifically police officers, prosecutors, public defenders and judges. From this careful analysis, TBI will create a data portal with data and information tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of justice sector reforms at national and state levels. TBI will also host a workshop on justice sector performance indicators drawing on statistics compiled by the project's data portal. The project's key findings and recommendations will be presented at policy roundtables in Mexico City and Washington, D.C. and the working papers and datasets will be made available free of charge on TBI's Web site. Project highlights will be disseminated through the Institute's electronic Monthly News Report, an English language summary of Mexican and Mexico-focused news on recent justice sector developments.

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David A. Shirk
(619) 260-2315