Violence in Mexico: Conflict Analysis and Policy Advocacy

Washington, DC, United States of America
over 1 year
Project Goals: 

The International Crisis Group was founded in 1995 by a group of well-known transatlantic political figures in reaction to the failure of the international community to anticipate and respond effectively to the tragedies in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia. It seeks to contribute to the peaceful settlement of current conflicts, the prevention of potential conflicts, the reversal of trends toward radicalization, and the creation of new frameworks of democratic governance based on democratic values, the rule of law and human rights.

This grant will support the Crisis Group to direct its focus to the failed war on drugs and resulting violence in Mexico. Though this conflict has received extensive attention from Mexican think tanks and U.S.-based policy centers, the Crisis Group sees a need to improve the prevailing understanding of the violence (which is typically construed as the result of conflict between criminal organizations) and to consider novel solutions that spring from a conflict prevention and resolution angle. The Crisis Group will carry out extensive private advocacy efforts with key decision makers in Mexico, Central America (primarily Guatemala), the United States and the larger international community and provide them with practical solutions and guidance that they can feed into policy.

Project Director: 
Javier Ciurlizza