Building a Comprehensive Water Management Model for the Central Valley of Tarija

Tarija, Plurinational State of Bolivia
over 3 years

Founded in 1990, Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija (PROMETA) concentrates on conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development in order to strengthen environmental conservation and improved quality of life for Bolivians. PROMETA has emphasized conservation and valuation of water as a fundamental natural resource for human existence and has strived to instill a culture of respect regarding water use. It has improved technical understanding of and legal protection for surface and groundwater in various regions in Bolivia by involving the public and private sectors, water users, local governments and institutional stakeholders.

The Foundation is supporting PROMETA to aid in the development of a sustainable, equitable water management model in Tarija, Bolivia. As part of this project, PROMETA will design and lead workshops on the development of norms that enhance the efficient use of water, provide technical assistance and training to decision makers on the development of technically-sound water management policies, identify and implement models for water efficient practices in agricultural and urban areas, and strengthen inter-institutional cooperation through a comprehensive communications platform and facilitation of working groups from the urban and productive sectors.

Project Director: 
Rodrigo Ayala Bluske
(591 4) 6633873