Community-based Management, Government Policy and the Sustainable Development of Floodplain Fisheries in the Lower Amazon, Brazil

San Francisco, CA, United States of America
over 3 years
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Earth Innovation Institute (EII) began operations in 2010 in the U.S. as the international arm of the Brazil-based Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), which was founded with focus on expanding research and shaping policies that would promote a more sustainable development model for the region. EII supports tropical nations seeking to lower greenhouse gas emissions from land use, to safeguard food production systems and to strengthen traditional and indigenous claims on natural resources. It provides direct technical, strategic and convening support to governments, businesses, indigenous people and farmers in Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia and California.

This grant from the Tinker Foundation will enable EII to work in the lower Amazon Basin in the Brazilian state of Pará to promote support for co-management and sustainable development of small-scale and community fisheries. EII will partner with key fisheries stakeholder groups to assess the status of fisheries policies in Brazil and develop actions that strengthen co-management of small-scale fisheries, producing policy briefs, and scientific and general interest publications to demonstrate to policy makers and the general public the critical importance of sustainably managing small-scale inland and coastal fisheries for the income, food security and ecosystem services they provide.

Project Director: 
David McGrath
(415) 449-9907