Contributing to Judicial Reform in Argentina

1054AAG Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic
over 2 years
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Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC) was established in 1995 and is dedicated to promoting and furthering civil and human rights in Argentina and throughout Latin America. The organization focuses on issues affecting the judiciary, freedom of expression, privacy and access to information, as well as social, economic and cultural rights. ADC has become widely recognized for its expertise on the functioning of the Argentine judiciary and for its leadership in promoting reforms to increase independence, transparency and the efficiency of national and provincial courts.

This grant supports a new two-year initiative to establish a National Coalition for Judicial Independence, which will draft a document on basic principles and best practices for judicial independence. In addition, ADC will continue to monitor and conduct research on the selection, discipline and dismissal of judges and prosecutors - the results of which will be discussed with coalition members and prosecutor associations. ADC will also monitor the implementation of a new law in the Province of Buenos Aires that establishes the autonomy of public defenders in order to ascertain challenges to implementation and propose ways to address these obstacles.

Project Director: 
Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte
(54 11) 5236-0555