E-Readers to Enhance Literacy in El Salvador

Chicago, IL, United States of America
over 2 years
Project Location: 
El Salvador
Project Goals: 

ConTextos was established in 2011 to foster literacy and critical thinking among elementary school students in El Salvador. It provides training, technical and material assistance to teachers, school directors, parent and educational authorities to improve literacy instruction and learning outcomes. ConTextos' goal is to change teaching practices by pairing the provision of high quality teaching and learning materials with intensive classroom- and school-based professional development and support for teachers. It also seeks to empower teachers through network-based leadership and mentoring opportunities.

This grant from the Tinker Foundation will enable ConTextos to work with Worldreader, a digital literacy NGO, to add e-readers into ConTextos' successful Teacher Training and Turnkey Libraries programs, expanding their work into the fourth through ninth grades. The pilot project will take place in six rural public schools in La Libertad department and will involve Ministry of Education staff, 33 teachers and 1,080 students. The digital library will include the national curriculum of textbooks and recommended reading materials, high quality Spanish language works in the public domain, and local content, such as newspaper articles and opinion pieces. As the project progresses, the team will continue to grow this digital Spanish-language library, which will be available free of charge to anyone with a digital device via the Worldreader application.

Project Director: 
Debra Gittler
(312) 841-1342