Former Grant Recipient Ariel Armony on the Impact of his Experience as a Tinker Field Research Grantee

Dr. Ariel Armony, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami, writes about his experience as a Tinker grantee.  

Ariel Armony at lecternThe Tinker field research grant that I received when I was a graduate student was vital for my success in obtaining significant funding to conduct my dissertation research. During the summer trip to Argentina, I began to understand the new state-society dynamic that was developing in the country, particularly with regards to the human and civil rights organizations that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s—a key dimension of democratization that was not well understood at the time.

It is a very special feeling to know that our Center will be able to offer this program to our students. My own experience with the Tinker grants tells me that it is important to support projects that take innovative approaches to tackle big questions in the field. As Foundations strive to figure out how to distribute scarce resources in the most effective way, the Tinker Field Research Grants Program is a fantastic example of how any amount of money, smartly allocated, can have such a long-lasting impact.

- Ariel Armony

Dr. Armony is administering the current Tinker Field Research Grant program at the University of Miami Center for Latin American Studies.