Improving Judicial Selection in Peru

Lima, Republic of Peru
over 1 year
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) was established in 1983 and is the leading civil society organization in Peru that strengthens and furthers democracy, the rule of law and human rights through research and fieldwork, legal defense, public policy analysis, advocacy and media dissemination initiatives. IDL publishes numerous reports and sponsors a wide array of events to promote public debate and discussion on its thematic areas of focus: legal defense, military reform, citizen security and the judicial system.

This one year grant supports IDL's project to promote improvements in the systems for selecting, appointing and evaluating judges and district attorneys in Peru. IDL will interview outgoing National Council of the Magistracy members, judges, district attorneys, and other experts to develop consensus proposals on how to improve the selection, ratification and disciplinary processes for justice officials. IDL will develop a questionnaire that can be used in a standard and objective manner in the selection and ratification of Council of the Magistracy members to ensure that candidates meet minimum standards of independence, professionalism and integrity.

Project Director: 
Glatzer Eloy Tuesta Altamirano
(51 1) 617 5700