Increasing Access to Justice in Paraguay

Asuncion, Republic of Paraguay
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

The Interdisciplinary Center for Social Law and Political Economy (CIDSEP) was established in 1986. Its mission is to promote and defend human rights, strengthen democratic institutions, promote access to justice, and foster a culture of transparency and citizen participation in Paraguay. CIDSEP conducts research, provides legal and civic education and training, offers advice on legal and constitutional reforms, and organizes legal assistance programs to defend the rights of vulnerable populations, particularly children, adolescents and women.

This grant from the Tinker Foundation will support CIDSEP in a project to engage the Paraguayan legal community in the pro bono movement that has steadily gained momentum across Latin America. The project encompasses the three components that have characterized CIDSEP's work related to access to justice, namely 1) pro bono referrals to law firms, lawyers and law school students, 2) community-based legal orientation and education, and 3) regulations and guidelines that enable and incentivize lawyers to perform pro bono work. CIDSEP plans to strengthen and expand pro bono legal referral and coordination mechanisms, increase enrollment of lawyers and law firms to the pro bono network, and promote the regulation of pro bono legal work in Paraguay.

Project Director: 
Monica M.C. Caceres La Serna