Rural Communities at the Helm: Promoting Water and Forest Conservation from the Bottom Up in Honduras

over 3 years

EcoLogic was founded with a mission to empower rural and indigenous people to restore and protect tropical ecosystems in Central America and Mexico. EcoLogic is working in Olanchito, Honduras with the municipal government to implement an innovative payment-for-environmental-services (PES) model financed at the household level. This grant will enable EcoLogic to provide technical assistance to the local water management committee for implementing a management plan based on models from neighboring areas.

The fees collected for water use will provide funds for conservation efforts in the upland watershed that feeds the municipality's water supply. EcoLogic's approach includes innovative outreach activities designed to engender support for PES and regional conservation planning among local residents and leaders.

Project Director: 
Carlos Duarte Euraque
(504) 96613302