Scaling Up Lessons Learned in Water Governance in Vulnerable Cities in the Andean Region

Quito, Republic of Ecuador
over 3 years
Project Locations: 
Ecuador, Peru
Project Goals: 

The Foundation for the Promotion of Latin America's Future Sustainable Development (FFLA) was founded in the early 1990s. Its mission is to promote constructive dialogue, strengthen citizen, political and institutional capacities, and articulate processes toward sustainable development in Latin America. FFLA uses consensus-based public policy dialogues and conflict prevention methodologies as its main strategies. Several years ago, FFLA established a programmatic focus on water management issues centered on the premise that the long-term viability of water governance systems is built on the active participation of stakeholders in decision making. FFLA concentrates on testing, consolidating and scaling up multi-level governance systems using best management practices embedded in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) mechanisms in basins serving urban and rural communities.

Previous funding from the Tinker Foundation enabled FFLA to apply its expertise to implementing IWRM in the Guayllabamba watershed in Ecuador and in the Chillón-Rímac-Lurín Basin in Peru. The current grant will allow them to consolidate implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management practices in Peru and Ecuador and to share best management practices with the broader community of water managers. FFLA and its regional partners provide technical and logistical assistance to regional governments in their implementation of IWRM throughout Ecuador and Peru.

Project Director: 
Cristina Pinto
(593 2) 223 6351