Skills and Employability Training for At-risk Youth

New York, NY, United States of America
over 2 years
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The AlvarAlice Foundation was established in 2003 in Cali, Colombia. It works to enhance the lives of Colombians living in marginalized communities. It offers programs in healthcare, education, job training and placement, re-integration of street children, micro enterprise development, and restorative justice, with particular attention paid to youth and women from internally displaced populations. In 2004, AlvarAlice was part of a group of Colombian NGOs that received a Global Development Alliance grant of $1.7 million to co-fund the establishment of five restorative justice centers in three slums in Cali. Over 3,000 former combatants, juvenile offenders, at-risk youth, victims and their families have participated in programs sponsored by the centers.

This grant will allow AlvarAlice to consolidate existing programs and to implement a job skills training program for 150 at-risk youth from the ages of 18 to 25 in partnership with Fundación SES, an Argentine non-governmental organization with extensive experience in working with young people in vulnerable situations. Over a three-month period, AlvarAlice staff will develop the capacity to conduct vocational training using the methodologies and materials developed by the International Youth Foundation. Youth enrolled in the program will participate in a series of workshops in which they will develop job skills, define their personal and occupational objectives and develop short- and medium-term action plans. Some 80 program participants will be placed in paid internships. All program participants will receive job placement assistance based on their occupational goals.

Project Director: 
Julieta Arboleda
(57 2) 333-1230