Strengthening the Quality and Relevance of Non-Traditional Secondary Education in Rural Honduras

La Ceiba 36608, Atlantida, Republic of Honduras
over 2 years
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Established in 1986, Asociación de Desarrollo Socio Económico Indígena, Bayan (BAYAN) works to improve the health, environmental and education conditions in La Mosquitia - a remote and impoverished region in eastern Honduras. In 1996, BAYAN began implementing the Tutorial Learning System (SAT) an internationally acclaimed alternative rural secondary education program and now is responsible for serving 8,000 students across 12 of the country's 18 departments.

A previous grant to BAYAN supported the development of an entrepreneurship-focused teaching module which was successfully piloted in a small subset of tutorial groups. This grant supports a two-year project to expand the newly developed entrepreneurial content to all areas in which SAT operates and to fully institutionalize it within the SAT program and curriculum. Project coordinators will create a plan to familiarize all SAT staff with the student guide and develop tutor training materials and supervisory policies and protocols.

Project Director: 
Soheil Dooki Dooki
(504) 2442-2189